Breaking Radio Silence.

Angel of Anatomy, Leonor Fini, 1949.

No doubt about it, it’s been a rough year. I suspect many of us feel the same; 2019 has had some turbulent space weather (particularly in June & July), and 2020 won’t even have the benefit of Jupiter in Sag to cheer things up. I’ve undergone a tremendous amount of inner growth since last I wrote here, but am still dealing with outer stresses and turmoil. Hopefully this Fall will bring a turn of The Wheel towards the positive.

It’s not been all doom & gloom though! I’ve seen some great gigs and fascinating museum exhibits; invested in home renovations; cleared out some dead wood from my social life and cast people out of my life who didn’t appreciate my time, effort or energy. I purchased a new computer, a new digital camera, and am currently saving up for a new phone. And I’m currently being trained on a new ERP software that will vastly improve my current job situation (and prepare me for future ones).

Rest In Power, Gato.

I did a little cat-sitting back in February and May, helping out a new friend I made via my old local. Staying in a lovely Park Slope apartment with a sweet kitty was good for my head – a chance to get away from my usual surroundings, to fully embrace solitude and meditate on present and future moments. Gato was quite old; he sadly didn’t survive the Meat Grinder™ of the Summer. But I’m grateful for the time we spent together, and thankful for the opportunity to do some heavy inner work uninterrupted.

Other friends of mine are getting shit done this year! Dead Unicorn Ventures recently started up in Penzance, while Perp Walk and Freelance Fiends are still going strong. Another friend graduated from FIT, and is currently working on a poster series that powerfully combines esoteric concepts, comic-noir illustration and Swiss Modernist design.

Haul of Joy.

Lammas was pretty incredible: back-to-back gigs/vinyl release parties from Mother Feather and The Giraffes, the long-awaited release of Rosalie Cunningham’s new album, and the inaugural issue of Dykes Ink from the aforementioned Dead Unicorn Ventures. Also, a haunting and astounding CD/booklet musing on the 50th anniversary of the moon landing arrived in my letterbox that weekend.

Don't Forget to Listen to Music.

Can’t say for sure what the future holds in store – Uranus in Taurus is really proving the old adage “Make plans, & the Gods laugh”. But I persevere, do my best to stay grounded, and (most importantly) keep breathing.