At Long Last…Spring!

Perp Walk.

Just a quick update to let everyone know I’m still alive & kicking – the weather has been difficult and inconstant, but it looks like the cold temps are finally on their way out. Things are going well at my new job, and I finally got a chance to see my buddy’s band Perp Walk live! Sadly the iPhone takes really crap photos these days – planned obsolescence and all that. But I salvaged these pics for your perusal.

Left in The Attic.

I walked into Hank’s Saloon that night as Left in the Attic took the stage, and they absolutely blew me away. I was shocked to find out that these Bronx natives have been rocking out around town for 10 years already, they sound so powerful and fresh. Shame on me for not checking them out sooner!

Bunny Hirsch.

Perp Walk’s Bunny Hirsch and Roger Clark (well-known to locals as a reporter for NY1) added a guitarist well over a year ago. While I really enjoyed the No-Wave minimalism of their older sound, Joe O’Carroll brings a fuller, meatier vibe to the music. The metal aspects are more in the forefront, although Bunny’s deadpan vocals elude clichés.

After the gig, we sat around drinking cheap beer and catching up until ass o’clock in the morning. I’m so relieved that I’m now in a situation where I have both the time and energy to get out more and see live music!