Long Time No See.

Sweet Spot.

Interesting how when one is unemployed, it’s difficult to get out and do things for lack of finances; when one has a job, lack of time tends to be the culprit. This summer was challenging on various levels – I’m relieved it’s over, and looking forward to what Autumn holds in store.

The job is going well. The plans to move further up into Gowanus are delayed due to building inspections, so I’m still spending my lunch breaks at one of the charming community gardens Park Slope is renowned/notorious for. I’m getting along with my co-workers, and spending Fridays at the local like a regular working stiff.

WitchsFest 2018.

But other things happened this summer as well. I checked out the annual WitchsFest this past July, where I bought some funky jewelry and soaked up the Pagan vibes. (I should really do more of that these days!) It was absolutely fantastic to see so many POC participating, vending and giving workshops at the event.

Bunny from Perp Walk sneering into the mic.

I couldn’t stick around, though – Perp Walk was playing Coney Island that same afternoon, and the MTA is always fucked up on the weekends (thanks, Cuomo!) Their gig was at Steeplechase Beer Garden, one of the newer spots on Surf Ave where Peggy O’Neil’s used to be. It was EXTREMELY family-friendly (i.e. lots of kids running about), which frankly isn’t my thing. But the Perps pulled a big crowd and played a very strong set. They’ve got some upcoming shows in Manhattan this Fall – check ‘em out if you’re local.

Riley Pinkerton.

In August Mother Feather played a blinder at Mercury Lounge, with Riley Pinkerton opening. Riley was celebrating the release of her debut album that night; while her recorded work tends towards the mellow side, the live act was upbeat with touches of ‘70s Power-Pop. I regret not taking the Nikon with me…but to be fair I got some great phone pics and a pair of used false eyelashes (thanks, Ann!). Mother Feather’s new album drops during Samhain, but the single Red Hot Metal is already out & about on the internet radio scene.

Liz & Ann from Mother Feather.

Sadly I didn’t get to take many photos of the garden. Despite the difficult summer heat our harvest was plentiful, with tomatoes, sweet peppers, blueberries, basil, echinacea, chamomile, mint and strawberries. Our zucchini didn’t make it, but you can’t win them all. Soon I’ll have to bring the houseplants in again, and help them survive the winter.